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How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl

Pooping, no matter how embarrassing it might be, is a normal bodily function that we all have to deal with regularly. And though we should all keep our toilet bowls clean to stay healthy, there are times when poop may stick to the bowl. Ideally, poop wouldn’t stick to the bowl when you flush, but since it does happen, we are here to talk about how you can prevent it from doing that.

If your poop regularly sticks to your toilet bowl, you might have to look into changing your diet to incorporate less fat-rich foods. You can also prevent poop from sticking to the bowl by cleaning it regularly, treating it with a non-stick coat in a spray bottle, or increasing the flush pressure.

There are many reasons why feces might stick to your toilet bowl, but luckily, there are also many options to lessen or prevent this from happening. Below we will discuss some common reasons your toilet bowl might be picking up poop and how you can reduce or prevent it in the future. Remember that some of these tips will depend on your lifestyle and not just your toilet or cleaning habits.

Why Poop Is Sticking To The Toilet Bowl And Preventing It

There are a couple of different reasons why feces could be sticking to your toilet bowl. However, there are also ways to reduce the number of times this happens, and you can even prevent it from happening entirely. Below are the three most common explanations for why poop might stick to your toilet bowl and how to avoid it happening again.

Fat-Rich Diets Can Make Poop Stickier

In the time we live in today, few of us have the time to focus on cooking and eating healthily. Unfortunately, eating fast foods or fat-rich foods can affect your health and cause poop to stick to your toilet bowl.

If you cut down on the amount of fat-rich foods you or your family eat, you can reduce how often poop sticks to the toilet bowl. Though it is tough to cut out fatty foods altogether, you can replace a lot of them with a fruit and vegetable-rich diet, and the more fiber you eat, the less likely it is that your poop will stick to the toilet bowl.

Poop Sticks Easily To Unclean Surfaces

Another possible reason poop might be sticking to your toilet bowl is because of dirt or other debris. Feces sticks more easily to a dirty surface since the debris undoes most of the slippery surface to keep it from sticking. When a toilet bowl is unclean, there is enough texture for feces to stick to instead of falling.

The plainest way to combat this is to clean your toilet daily or at least once a week. Keeping your toilet bowl clean is essential since even the water you use can impact how dirty it becomes. Using a brush and some soap, or using a toilet cleaner available at any store, is the best way to keep your toilet clean without much extra expense, and at the very least, this will lower how much poop sticks to the bowl.

Poor Waterflow Means Poop Doesn’t Flush Off

If your toilet isn’t allowing enough water to flow through the bowl, there might not be enough force to wash away the feces in the bowl. This rule applies to poop sticking to the bowl or that which doesn’t want to go down the drain. If there is not enough water flow, what sticks to the bowl will not be pressured enough to wash away.

Depending on the exact reason for the poor flow of water or the weak water stream, you might need to replace the water tank or the flush system of your toilet. If the water cuts off too soon, your flush mechanism probably isn’t allowing enough water through. However, if all the water drains from the tank when you flush, you might need a bigger tank to create enough pressure and flow.

Other Tips To Prevent Poop From Sticking To The Toilet Bowl

Though the three subjects mentioned above are the most common reasons for poop to stick to a toilet bowl, there are other things that you can do to combat this. Some of these options might seem like simple solutions, but there is no reason you shouldn’t try them. Additionally, some of the tips below may cost you extra money if you wish to try them.

Flush The Toilet Before Using It

This tip is likely the most straightforward, yet it does make sense. Before pooping, you can flush your toilet to ensure that the bowl is wet and smoother. Doing this should mean that it is harder for feces to stick to the bowl since water tends to prevent things from sticking to a surface.

It Might Be Time For A New Toilet

If you keep your toilet clean at all times but poop is still sticking to the bowl, it might be time for a new one. This tip is especially applicable if the toilet you have has been in use for a long time. Over the usage period, the coating that stops things from sticking to the bowl will eventually degrade and become ineffective. When this is the issue, it is usually time to get a new toilet altogether.

Use A Non-Stick Toilet Spray

You can always get a non-stick toilet spray or cleaner when all else fails. There are numerous non-stick sprays on the market to keep poop off your toilet bowl when you have tried everything else. The two most common types of this product are the coating and the cleaner.

The coating spray is easier to apply and does not require touching your toilet. Simply coat the toilet bowl in the spray can’s content, and you’re ready. This product is easy to use, though it isn’t always the most effective.

If you prefer a longer-lasting option, some toilet cleaners also come in spray cans and claim to leave a “protective” coating on the toilet bowl. Applying this cleaner to your toilet bowl should theoretically keep it clean and poop-free.


If your toilet bowl is prone to holding on to some poop when you want to flush it away, you will probably never be out of possible solutions. Though we have mentioned a few possibilities above, these are not the only things you can try. If poop sticking to your toilet bowl is becoming a massive issue for you, you can also consult a plumber for any additional advice or tips on preventing this from happening.

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